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K–12 Computer Science Framework: k12cs

This 2018 FAQ from NJDOE answers questions about what is CS, what CS counts as math and who can teach CS . The FAQ was written before the 2020 standards were adopted, so some parts might be outdated.

"Advances in technology have drastically changed the way we interact with the world and each other. The digital age requires that we understand and are able to harness the power of technology to live and learn".

- International Society for Technology in Education


Prepare students for a computing-intensive world.


Computer science and design thinking education prepares students to succeed in today's knowledge-based economy by providing equitable and expanded access to high-quality, standards-based computer science and technological design education.


All students have equitable access to a rigorous computer science and design thinking education. Students will benefit from opportunities to engage in high-quality technology programs that foster their ability to:

  • develop and apply computational and design thinking to address real-world problems and design creative solutions;

  • engage as collaborators, innovators, and entrepreneurs on a clear pathway to success through postsecondary education and careers;

  • navigate the dynamic digital landscape to become healthy, productive, 21st century global-minded individuals; and

  • participate in an inclusive and diverse computing culture that appreciates and incorporates perspectives from people of different genders,

  • ethnicities, and abilities.