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  • This program is now closed.

  • WeTeach_CS Certification (click here)- Prep (virtual workshop)

  • Dates of synchronous training: June 27-30, 2022.

  • Once completed, teachers can then register and take the Praxis exam for certification on their own. Currently, the exam costs $130. Once the PRAXIS 5652 CS Certification is awarded and documented to the Kean CS Hub, the $1,000 stipend will be paid to the teacher.

Teachers must register through the Kean CS hub for this program.

Spots are limited and will be awarded first come, first served

Please sign up only if you are intent on earning this credential through this coursework

Individuals previously registered and approved to study on their own for the certificate must submit their earned Praxis CS certification (by July 31, 2022) to the Kean CS Hub for review. If approved, the $1,000 stipend will be awarded to them.

NJ teachers from participating districts have priority in this program. All NJ teachers welcome to apply.

Plan to earn the Praxis now! This program has a capacity limit! Be one of NJ's Praxis CS Certified teachers!

Who will cover WeTeach Certification Prep fees and Exam fees?

Teachers must register and take the Praxis CS exam on their own. It is currently $130 to take the exam.

Teachers who do not pass, can re-register for the exam and take it again.

Teachers who pass the Praxis CS exam, and are registered with us, and provide their passing Certificate will be paid $1000.

Exams should be completed by July 15, 2022 for reimbursement.

How to submit my PRAXIS CS exam result?

For teachers that registered with the Kean CS Hub before June 30, 2022, the following should be provided for review on completion of the certificate:

0. when you register, request that the Praxis 5962 CS test scores be sent electronically by ETS to Kean University, ATTN: Dr. Patricia Morreale.

Hint: NJ isn't demanding the test yet, so you can't select it through the state. Before you select the state, there is an area where you can select by test instead. (you might have to scroll down to find it) - it is on the same screen where you are asked to select your state. Kean University should be on the list.

1. Scan and upload the completion certificate for the Praxis 5652 CS exam using this Dropbox:

Hint: If you are already a part of the program and received a scholarship or a study-on-your-own notification you can submit your results by July 30, 2022 (grant concludes in August 2022). The soft baseline for the test score is 150+/200. It takes about two weeks to get the result from ETS and also, please, consider a time to process the payment.

2. Fill out the form found here for our final report to the NJ DOE. This will allow us continue to offer the Praxis CS program to other NJ educators.

3. Submit your documents for payment (this is after you passed the exam). Complete the invoice found here: link to invoice, your W9 form and submit documents using the link provided below: Dropbox link for tax forms to be submitted (this is a different link than the Certificates):

Hint: On the W9: section #3 requires you to check off the box Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC. Sections #5 and #6 require your address. Part l: Enter your Social Security number as your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Part II: Certification- your signature and date. Invoice Submission Example can be found here.

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