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Ethics and Culture concerns the profound effects that technologies have on people, how those effects can widen or narrow disparities, and the responsibility that people have for the societal consequences of their technological decisions.

By the end of grade 2

The availability of technology for essential tasks varies in different parts of the world

By the end of grade 5

Technological choices and opportunities vary due to factors such as differences in economic resources, location, and cultural values.

By the end of grade 8

Technological disparities have consequences for public health and prosperity.

By the end of grade 12

• The ability to ethically integrate new technologies requires deciding whether to introduce a technology, taking into consideration local resources and the role of culture in acceptance.

• Consequences of technological use may be different for different groups of people and may change over time.

• Since technological decisions can have ethical implications, it is essential that individuals analyze issues by gathering evidence from multiple perspectives and conceiving of alternative possibilities before proposing solutions