Micro:bits Workshop

Diane Horvath is leading our virtual Micro:bit sessions, together with Ellen Fishter.

The workshop will get educators familiar with the micro:bit, the computer science concepts behind it, and how to use it effectively in the classroom.

Meeting Times

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 4-5:30 PM Virtual, Kick-off

Nov. 16, 4-5 PM virtual

Jan 18, 4-5 PM virtual

Feb 15, 4-5 PM virtual


Registration for this workshop is closed.

This page will be updated with some of the resources from the workshop.

Be sure to check out our workshops page for upcoming workshops.

Required Equipment

Participants will receive equipment prior to the event.

Some Content from the Workshop

NJCS: Intro Microbit Workshop 1 Slides

For more materials from the workshop, check out Diane's Wakelet.