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Makey-Makey STEM Pack (Set of 12, k8)

Description: Young makers will love turning everyday objects into touchpads using the Makey Makey Classroom Invention Literacy Kit. This simple invention kit for beginners allows students to touch a banana and turn on a computer, clap to take a photo, put on a pair of sunglasses to play music and more. Perfect for any STEM or STEAM classroom,


  • Makey Makey Classics

  • 12 (6ft) Alligator Clips

  • 12 (6ft) Connector Wires

  • 63 extra Alligator Clips

  • 144 New and Improved Connector Wires (for the back)

  • 12 Makey Makey-Optimized Conductive 6B Pencils

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