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Bee-Bot Starter Pack (k2)

Description: Ideal for helping kids understand cause and effect, directional language and early programming, the robotic bee can carry out 40 consecutive commands.

Includes: 1 rechargeable Bee-Bot, 4 activity mats (Treasure Island mat, 2 transparent grid mats, and Busy Street mat), 49 sequence cards, and a USB cord to recharge the Bee-Bot on any computer.

BeeBot Intro ESF.mp4


Rechargeable bee-bot that comes with a usb cord

Treasure island matt

Sequence Cards

Busy street mat

Youtube Resource Videos

Bee-Bot Presentation

Bee-Bot presentation slides from Ellen Fisher (Lending Library Workshop, September 28, 2021 @ Kean University) are posted below:

Additional Resources: Bee-Bot Emulator , Bee-Bot Sequence