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Focusing on research and action to identify, create, and sustain a primary pathway in computer science education for students and educators across New Jersey.

KeanCShub presents Micro:bits Workshops

Diane Hovath is leading our virtual Micro:bit sessions, together with Ellen Fishter.

The dates are:

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 4-5:30 PM Virtual, Kick-off

Nov. 16, 4-5 PM virtual

Jan 18, 4-5 PM virtual

Feb 15, 4-5 PM virtual

Sign up for the series now, using this form.

Participants will receive equipment prior to the event. Space is limited for this series.

Any questions please call Nancy at 908-737-4719.

Diane Hovarth is a Technology/MakerEd Integration Specialist at Blake Middle School in Medfield Public Schools (MA) and a former Special Educator of students with moderate disabilities at the elementary level. Her mission is to explore ways of bringing accessible creative & innovative learning experiences to students using everyday materials, coding & circuits. The Micro:bit has become the one tool that offers a range of possibilities for all learners delivering a powerful impact when students see their code in their hands! #Micro:bitChampion Twitter: @techmonstah Instagram: @techmonstaah

Ellen Fishter is currently employed by the Livingston Public School district as a Technology Coach and Innovation/STEAM teacher. In addition, she teaches high school students Personal Financial Literacy (online) and holds a general business education teaching certificate. Ellen has led numerous professional development sessions on educational technology and assisted in the development of Livingston's STEAM curriculum encompassing the NJ K-8 Computer Science Standards. When she is not working, Ellen enjoys biking, hiking, sewing, and the beach. Twitter: @EFishterTech

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Kean CS Hub MAP- our CS PL teachers and educators are from all over NJ! Join us!

Our Programs

  • Weekly tutoring sessions are offered for catching up with the PRAXIS CS exam materials. Tentative dates for the workshops: every Thursday after 3 p.m. starting October 7.

  • In cooperation with parallax we encourage NJ educators to attend Professional Development series "Electronics with micro:bit and Python". These free Educator’s Workshops give teachers hands-on experience with the hardware, software tools, and curriculum. Each course take place in three 1.5-hour sessions in one week via Zoom. A free hardware kit will be shipped to qualified attendees before the sessions begin. Applications are now open for workshops in October, and November 2021. Apply here

  • In cooperation with our long-term partners CMU CS Academy we encouraged NJ educators to attend Virtual Professional Learning Workshops - an online, graphics-based computer science curriculum taught in Python provided by Carnegie Mellon University. Find the perfect curriculum for your school

  • The Kean CS Hub provides scholarships to obtain CS Foundations and WeTeachCS Coaching that helps to prepare for the Praxis CS exam. Our program participants can also prepare for the exam and take it on their own. Those, registered with us will receive $1000 upon successful completion o f the Praxis CS exam (#5652). At this time the 2021 enrollment is closed.

All those who joined the initiative in Summer 2021 have this fall to submit the scores, but should do so ASAP. Please let us know your test date in advance so we can adjust our plans accordingly.

GIRLS WHO CODE info session is coming soon..., more details at https://girlswhocode.com/

Our Mission

Equitable access to computer science education


Our key goals:

  • Increase the number of well-prepared educators to teach CS;

  • Expand equitable access to high-quality CS education for all K-12 students;

  • Provide resources to schools and school districts to expanding CS education across grades K-12 in the classroom or through extra-curricular activities.

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Contact compsci@kean.edu to get more information

Funding for this project is provided by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Education.